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Probate Law

Our Firm is located in Montville, NJ we handle a variety of different probate matters.  We have over 30 years of experience handling estates and probate matters. Hiring an experienced probate attorney can save you time and money. Our probate attorneys represent Clients from all over the State. We have assisted countless Clients at all stages of the probate process in Bergen County, Passaic County, Morris County, Hudson County, and Essex County.

In addition to Probate law our attorneys also have experience with Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process where a deceased person's assets are distributed to their heirs and beneficiaries. If the decedent had a will, once that Will has been proven valid by the surrogate and an executor is appointed then the property is distributed according to the Will. If the decedent did not have a will then an administrator is appointed and the property is distributed according to the intestate statute.

What Services Does Our Firm Provide?

We are a full service Probate Law Firm. Which means we handle every detail of the probate process from getting a person appointed executor/administrator to getting tax waivers and preparing the release and refunding bond for final distribution of the Estate. We can travel to the Client to set up a consultation for Clients that are unable to travel. In addition, we also provide transportation to the Surrogates Office to get our clients appointed executor or administrator. We understand that this is a difficult time dealing with the loss of a loved one that is why we make every effort to accommodate our Clients. Whether the decedent passed with a Will or intestate (without a will) we can handle the estate work.

How do you Begin the Probate Process?

The probate process is initiated when the individual named executor in the Will applies to the Surrogate Court. The Surrogate Court will determine the validity of the Will and if the Executor is capable of fulfilling their duties. Then The Surrogate Court will issue letters testamentary and the Executor may begin handling the affairs of the decedent.


In the event the Decedent passed "intestate" meaning they died without a Will. Then surviving family member (typically an intestate heir) or close associate will apply to the court to become administrator of the Estate. Depending on who is seeking to be administrator they may have to post bond and if there are multiple intestate heirs may require them to supply renunciations. A renunciation is when an heir provides a document to the court that states they will not seek to be appointed administrator of the estate. Once the court receives the proper documentation the person seeking to be administrator will be issued letters of administration. The assets of the Estate are distributed in accordance with intestate laws. 


Contact an Experienced Probate Attorney

Schedule a consultation at our law office to discuss the probate process. Our probate lawyers conduct a full range of services. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Probate wills

  • Probate without a will

  • Estate Litigation

  • Conservatorship

  • Trusts Administration

  • Executor Services

  • Guardianship


Over the years, we have successfully handled numerous probate cases for our clients. Let us take care of your Probate Matter so you can experience the peace of mind that our services allow. If you have any question regarding the probate process please contact us by phone or through the website to set up a consultation.


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